Day and night safe Prym - tehnical specifications

Fully adapted to the needs of users and clients. Software solutions and a high level of protection comply with legal regulations. The possibility of inserting larger deposits, up to 400 banknotes in one bag with the dim. 210x270mm, are additional benefits of the device. DNT has been tested in the categorization of night safes, classified as "Safe deposit device" with a high degree of burglary resistance: N-III / EN 1143-2, and is thus intended for installation, both within the object and on its external part (street).

CERTIFICATE Degree of resistance to burglary: N-III according to the European standard EN 1143-2, issued by the accredited legal entity ICECON CERT S.R.L, Bucharest, Romania in accordance with ISO / OEC 17,065

It consists of a reception cabinet (safe) with a feeder for bags and a built-in electronic module. Reception cabinet (safe) in a standalone performance certified in the VdS stage III / EN1143-1, ready to connect to the alarm and anchoring system (in 4 points). Feeder: protected housing with built-in drum Stop (manufactured in the same resistance category as the safe), equipped with safety mechanical and electronic locking devices, operated through a personal computer. Performance: polished stainless steel, powder-coated RAL 7043 (color option). For insertion of the deposit use bag size 270x210 mm, with a bar code, the optimum bag fullness is 50 mm.


LOCKING Reception cabinet (safe): two locks ECB.S Class B (or VdS class 2) / EN1300, standardly fitted with 1 electronic lock equipped with a delay timer, M-Locks EM3520 and 1 mechanical lock with 2 keys, S & G. Other lock types - optional. Deposit door: Safety bowler Kaba Gege pExtra

ELECTRONICS SYSTEM AND POSSIBILITES The electronic system provides a safe and reliable operation, provides access to and transfer of all relevant data, connects and operations with through a remotely connected computer, data printing to a local printer as well as simple and reliable use for clients. The software package includes: a DNT agent (deposit reception) LAN / Internet interface (for service protocol), a software package with agent database and the database for the user computer. It is optionally expanded and adapted to user requirements, such as working from a remote computer, data transfer port (USB) and printer protocols. It provides with the ability to store data on a local database and to print data to an external printer. Download bag with bar code reader. Protection against manipulation, display of the number of deposits on the PC and background control of the paper condition. Customer identification: card, print receipt included.

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS PC HP PROM400G, monitor (touch control), Windows 7 64bit, manual scanner, feed scanner, certificate printer, card reader, electronic keyboard, motherboard, electronic feed sensor, communication electronics, "anti fishing" controller, network connector Manufacturer: Bravarija Piljek Electronic components and software support: L. M Plus